WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY! Baby it’s cold out there and your diesel needs Power Service. When temperatures are below +30°F., add Diesel Fuel Supplement +Cetane Boost (white bottle) every time you fill up to prevent fuel gelling and protect against fuel-filter icing. Keep a jug or two of Diesel 911 (red bottle) on hand in case you do end up with gelled diesel fuel or frozen fuel-filters and you’ll get your diesel moving again.

Every business fights to cut overhead costs, but business leaders in the trucking industry face unique challenges that make simply calculating overhead difficult—and lowering it even tougher. Hard numbers, like your monthly diesel expenses, are easy to calculate, but soft numbers, like driver turnover and customer loyalty, aren’t easy to express in dollars and cents. Despite these challenges, hard and soft costs are real-life factors that must be accounted for.

You live with this reality every day, so no one needs to explain the total cost of operations concept to you. Crunching the numbers and trying to find ways to save money—no matter how small—are always on your mind.

Lowering your cost of doing business is essential to the success of your business, and that’s why Freightliner has listened to customers and poured resources into designing trucks that help businesses grow their bottom lines—trucks engineered to run more efficiently and make your business more competitive.

Freightliner is dedicated to helping you better understand the factors that impact your bottom line, enabling you to get a clearer picture of your Real Cost of Ownership℠, a comprehensive consideration of hard and soft costs over the lifetime of a vehicle.

To determine the Real Cost of Ownership for its on-highway trucks, Freightliner identifies five main contributing factors to maximizing profitability: fuel efficiency, connectivity, safety, quality and uptime. Slightly different factors, however, apply to efforts to maximize profitability for vocational trucks. These are productivity, upfit, safety, quality and uptime.