About Us

Horwith Trucks, Inc.

From an upstart business with only one truck in 1950, Horwith Trucks has since evolved into a multi-dimensional family-operated corporation. Horwith Trucks specializes in a variety of services, including: hazardous and solid waste hauling, over-dimensional building panels, salt hauling and storage, warehousing, rail transloading, new and used truck sales and service, and a full service parts department.

Founder Frank Horwith’s ideas and principles are what guided the business in the past and are still important today. The Horwith Companies are known for assisting in the revitalization of Northampton, Pennsylvania, and for their excellence in the truck transportation industry. While the Horwith name has developed their reputation over the years, the family owned business has never lost sight of its humble beginnings. That’s why you’ll always get friendly customer service and quality trucking services.



Hazardous & Solid Waste Transportation

All Drivers are fully trained above industry standards and are committed to providing the “Best In Class” service.

Horwith takes great pride in the handling the hazardous or solid waste transportation requirements of all our clients. Horwith Trucks is a key participant in many private and superfund cleanup sites throughout the Northeast. Our customers depend on us to haul hazardous and solid waste to state approved landfills across the United States and Canada since 1978. We are permitted and licensed to transport hazardous and solid waste in many states and Canada.

Horwith Trucks and its sister company, LV Company, have a large company owned fleet of Freightliner trucks, tri-axles, dumps, roll-offs, vans and flatbed trailers. Since we are a Freightliner dealer, Horwith is able to increase their Fleet size reasonably fast when needed for a large contract. Horwith’s team consists of over 140 employees, ranging from professional truck drivers, with all Federal Compliance Requirements as Hazardous-Waste Drivers, service technicians and office support. All our equipment is maintained above Federal and State requirements and is on a routine maintenance program performed by our specialized trained technicians.

Oversized Hauling

In 2012, Horwith and LV Company added local dry freight transportation to our list of services. Our transportation equipment includes box vans, flatbed trailers, and shipping containers. Horwith and LV Company serve throughout the Northeast corridor, including the piers in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

No Job Too Big

Oversize hauling is a special art form that involves many considerations in a local or long haul. The Horwith checklist for transporting oversized cargo is detailed and precise. Properly securing the equipment, familiarity with the route – including overhead clearances and problem intersections – common courtesy for other drivers and a respect for the rules of the road are just some of the variables that are addressed prior to each departure.

Our Team

Shelly, Tina, Missy, Jean, Pamela

Safety Follows Wisdom

There isn’t a road obstacle or dilemma confronting a Horwith Truck driver that hasn’t been simulated and dissected in a professional classroom setting. The company has set forth standards of excellence for its drivers and expects the very best from their performance. Drivers and shop safety sensitive personnel must attend regimented training programs to hone their professional skills. They are as required under federal law to submit to drug and alcohol testing to maintain a substance abuse-free working environment.


As a Hazardous Waste transporter and a long established employer in our community, the owners and managers of Horwith Trucks, Inc. feel it is necessary to get a high standard of safety within our organization. We have made a commitment to ensure not only the safe transportation of our deliveries, but also to the safety of our employees as well. Horwith currently employs a fleet of over 80 certified drivers, along with a full time DOT & OSHA certified Safety Director. Our office staff and drivers receive extensive Hazardous Material training upon hire and annually thereafter. Our training includes:

Hazwoper, First Responder, Right to Know, Security Awareness, Function Specific, General Awareness, Load Segregation